Embossing Seals

First introduced in 2011, the revolutionary new "cam" mechanism on both the standard "Personal Line" and the heavy duty "Professional Line" embossers provides two important features.......(1) improved structural life of each frame and (2) the ability to customize the "depth" of embossed impressions on different paper types.  Simply squeeze or press harder for a maximum depth impression....or lighter when embossing thinner paper that can be easy to tear!  "Personal line" embossers are recommended for hand embossing of standard weight bond paper up to 36lbs(135g/m²).  For heavier weight paper embossing jobs, the "Professional Line"  Long-Reach (EH) desk seal and the Millennium™ EXTRA Long-Reach (ELR) are capable of handling paper rated at over 300g/m².   For high volume, repetitive jobs, the electric seals from PerfectSeal™ are the best value we have found on the market.  The motorized standard duty embosser has a patented design that converts common hand or desk seals to "touch-of-a-button" operation.
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