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What Should You Turn Into a Rubber Stamp? Let Fred L Lake & Co., Inc. Help You Decide!


At Fred L Lake & Co. Inc., we believe in the power of rubber stamps to simplify and elevate the way you conduct business. Our traditional rubber handstamps offer a reliable and versatile tool for a wide range of applications. In this blog, we will explore some popular ideas and inspirations for what you can turn into a rubber stamp. Let's dive in!


man using a stamp on a document

Company Logo

Your company logo serves as the visual representation of your brand and is an essential component of any business. Transforming your logo into a rubber stamp can provide an efficient way to leave your unique mark on documents, packaging, and promotional materials. Our skilled team at Fredlake can create a custom rubber stamp that accurately replicates your logo, ensuring consistent and professional impressions every time.


smiling man using a stamp on a document

Signature or Initials

Signing your name or adding initials to documents can be time-consuming, especially when you deal with multiple pages or copies. A rubber stamp featuring your signature or initials allows you to streamline this process while maintaining a personal touch. Our traditional rubber handstamps can replicate your signature or initials with precision, giving you a hassle-free way to add a professional and consistent mark to your important paperwork.


woman using a stamp on a document

Address and Contact Information

If you frequently send out mail or packages, having a rubber stamp with your address and contact information can significantly speed up the process. Instead of writing your details repeatedly, a custom rubber stamp allows you to stamp your return address effortlessly. Add your business logo or any additional relevant information, and be confident that your mail will arrive with a clear and professional impression.


envelope with just married stamp on it

Creative Designs and Decorative Stamps

Rubber stamps aren't limited to just practical applications; they can also add a creative and decorative element to your projects. Turn unique designs, patterns, or artwork into rubber stamps to inspire your creativity and add personalized flair to cards, tags, scrapbooks, and more. 


 At Fred L Lake & Co. Inc., we offer endless possibilities for custom rubber stamps to streamline your business processes or add a creative touch. Explore our wide selection and customizable options. Optimize your business processes and unleash the power of custom rubber stamps from Fred L Lake & Co., Inc.

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