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Corporate Kit

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Designed to accommodate record keeping needs for a "for profit" Corporation, this kit comes in a traditional black padded leather-look finish with gold lettering. It has been designed to keep all of your important organizational documents secure and available. Our Standard Kit has a 1-1/4in. D-ring binder for superior functionality and ease of use. This kit comes with the following features:

  • Corporate Record Binder with Beautiful Gold Detailing on the Front
  • Corporate Name printed and inserted in clear vinyl label holder welded on Spine of the Binder
  • Matching heavy cordovan-grained slipcase
  • 20 Custom Imprinted Stock Certificates (5 color options) bound with numbered Stubs (1 book)
  • 8 page Stock Transfer Ledger
  • 5 tab section Index Dividers
  • Supply of Cockle Finish, 24 lb. Blank Minute Paper
  • Custom Engraved Pocket Seal
  • Padded leatherette Seal Pouch

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    Product Options and Custom Information
    Stock Certificate Color:

    Business Entity Name:
    Text Case:

    Stock Class (Corporations Only):
    Number of Shares Authorized:
    Number of Shares Authorized if Checked Above:
    Par Value:
    Par Value if checked Above:
    Certificate Numbering:

    Certificate Numbering if Checked Above:
    Signature Line-1:
    Signature Line-2:
    Additional Certificates:
    (Same Stock Class/Color as first 20)
    NOTE: If more than one certificate "type"
    is required, please order other Classes/Colors
    separately using the form for
    Stock Certificates Only. -
    Optional Restrictions on Transfer
    (VIEW Std Restrictions #1, #2, #3
    in separate window
    printed on back side of certificates:

    Optional Restriction Instructions
    printed on the top line of the
    front side of certificates:

    Corporate Seal Layout Options:

    Incorporation/Formation Date
    (Add only if date is desired on seal,
    otherwise, leave blank):
    Additional Forms:

    Special Instructions:
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