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Inspire Students With Our Teaching Supplies



It’s officially August, which means that the start of school is just around the bend. As students gear up for their first day, teachers are setting up their classrooms to welcome them. That makes August a popular time here at Fred Lake, where our stamps, ink, and other items find their way to classroom desks across the nation. We’re always ecstatic to ring in the new school year, and we hope that you’ll find some of our favorite items useful throughout the coming semesters. We carry a number of products that are particularly useful for teachers, including our multi-color holiday stamps, our “inspection” stamps (which are perfect for grading!), and our date and numbering stamps. We also have creative stamps that you’ll love to use with arts and crafts!

Our Multi-Color Holiday Stamps

While the first day of school is a holiday in and of itself for teachers, it’s only one of many! Get students into the holiday spirit with our array of customizable, multi-colored stamps. Celebrate Halloween with a spooky, orange and black bat stamp. Or give thanks this Thanksgiving with a stamp that features a cornucopia. You can completely customize your stamps (including the ink colors!) to make the most of the holidays, so that you can spread the cheer for your students, year after year. Take a look at our many multi-color holiday stamps, and design your own stamps to display a personalized message, your favorite icon, or anything else that you can dream up!

Customizable “Inspection” Stamps

Okay, these stamps may be a little mislabeled for teachers… But our inspection stamps are perfect for grading! Again, you can customize many of our stamps with your message of choice, so that students are excited when they receive their tests, quizzes, and homework back. Make a grading stamp that says “Fantastic!” or a big, bold “100%”. You can even customize your stamp with your name! Your students will love getting work back that says “Ms. Wadsworth Approves!” Browse through our catalog of customizable “inspection” (or grading) stamps, and leave an impression with every assignment you grade!

Date and Numbering Stamps

With 30 kids in the classroom, assignments every day, and other documents splayed across your desk, it can be difficult to stay organized. Fortunately, we can help (at least a little bit). With our date and number stamps, you can keep track of heaps and heaps of papers, so that you know where to look for so-and-so assignment from such-and-such date. Keep a date stamp handy and change it daily, so that you can organize your documents chronologically without a second thought. We carry a variety of date and numbering stamps so you can find the best stamp to suit your organizational style.

Creative Stamps

If your classroom is full of young, bubbly, bright-eyed children, then you’ll love our more creative stamps. Make arts and crafts time extra special and creative with a star stamp or a smiley stamp. Students will be fascinated and entertained as they create impression after impression. Again, you can customize our multi-colored stamps as well, including whatever graphics that you’d like!

Don’t Forget the Accessories

If you’re about to fill your classroom with stamps, don’t forget to pick up some extra ink and ink pads! We carry all of the extras that you’ll need to ensure that your stamp collection doesn’t “run dry” throughout the coming school year. We even carry colored inks and ink pads, if you’d like to give your students a variety of choices as they use stamps on their crafts and projects!

Enjoy the School Year!

Well, we hope that your classroom is fully stocked and ready for those eager students! The folks here at Fred Lake wish you a wonderful year, and we’re thankful for all of the educators out there. We wish you and your students the best this coming year!

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