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Fred Lake Announces 129 Years of Business!



Cheers!!! We’re celebrating 129 years of business this year, and we’re ecstatic to continually provide premier products for well over a century. Our multi-generational company has been the industry’s trusted source for stamps, embossers, seals, and more, ever since its inception...

From Humble Beginnings

Fred Lake began in 1889, and was founded by — yes, you guessed it — Fred L. Lake. Fred purchased a business (by the name of Dallas Engraving & Manufacturing) and slowly transformed it into the company that we know now — Fred L. Lake & Co. Our Dallas-based company was built by a man with little to his name at the time. In fact, Fred L. Lake actually traded an heirloom Swiss watch to purchase the small stamp company from the former owner of the local paper, The Dallas Times Herald. Fred L. Lake & Co. began out of a small office located on Commerce Street here in Dallas, and it was operated by Fred himself. Fred renovated the office, and solicited his stamps and other products. Often, Fred would work long hours to produce stamps and other office items to fulfill and ship orders the next morning.

Fred L. Lake & Co. slowly grew over the years, until it was a true industry staple here in Dallas. Fred’s company had grown to supply many of the businesses throughout our city. Around 1924, Fred’s humble, one-man operation had grown to a team of 15 employees, making it a categorically successful firm in Dallas.

Fred L. Lake & Co. Values

As the company grew, Fred instilled values for his employees. Fred L. Lake & Co. was a business whose employees valued prompt service for its patrons — since they relied on Fred Lake products to operate in their day to day tasks. Employees worked together to craft high-quality rubber stamps, badges, seals, stencils, and buttons.

Fred passed away in 1934 at the age of 65, here in his hometown, but his legacy lives on. Today, that same work ethic continues among Fred L. Lake & Co. staff members, and our product line has grown to include a vast myriad of office and desk supplies.

A Family Legacy

Over the years, Fred L. Lake & Co. continued its operations — seeing slow, steady growth through the years — even after the passing of our founder. When Fred passed, the company was handed over to J. W. (Johnny) Lake, Fred’s son. Johnny Lake operated the business until he passed, and he, in turn, handed the business over to his wife, Martha Shuffield Lake. Martha operated the business during the 50s and 60s, and she retired her tenure to Robert (Bob) Shuffield. Bob operated the business alongside his CPA business, all the way up until 1989.

Then, near the 100th anniversary of Fred L. Lake & Co., Bob sold the business to a young college graduate who kept the longstanding family title — and after a brief stint under the new owner, the business was sold, once again, to the current owner, David Atwell...

Fred L. Lake & Co. Today

Fred L. Lake & Co. was purchased by David Atwell on July 1, 1992. Fred L. Lake & Co. still stands as one of the oldest companies in Dallas (in fact it’s in the top ten!), alongside firms like Neiman Marcus and the famous Hotel Adolphus.

David Atwell describes the state of the market today, and sums up the reason why Fred L. Lake & Co. will remain a cornerstone business here in Dallas: "It's not a growth market, but it's a stable market," he states. "As long as there's paperwork, there'll be a need for rubber stamps."

Atwell also remarks about the purchase of the company, stating, "I didn't give it a whole lot of thought about its history when I bought the Fred Lake company. But I thought it was cool enough that I didn't change the name.” After all, it’s a name that is recognized by business owners, both locally, and now, around the country. Fred L. Lake & Company’s product line has far expanded since the beginning of the company...

Our Current Product Line

Nowadays, our catalog is as expansive as ever, and we’ve incorporated some artistic stamp options into our previously corporate-focused line. Here’s a brief overview of the products that Fred L. Lake & Co. proudly offers at the moment:

Message & Logo Stamps: Whether you simply need a stamp to show your seal of approval, or you’re looking for a custom stamp with your address or monogram, we carry a full catalog of all the stamps you could ever need. Ever since the inception of Fred L. Lake & Co., we’ve been crafting, selling, and shipping stamps — they’re our most traditional item on our product line!

Embossers: We sell custom embossers alongside our various stamps. If you want to impress a seal on your documents, awards, and/or letters, we can custom craft an embosser that will perform the job perfectly, time and time again.

Notary & Professional Seals: For authentic certification seals, you can count on Fred L. Lake & Co. to produce your stamp. We create a variety of customizable seal stamps, for any use. We also create professional seals that require certification from an authority; simply send us your proof of certification, and we’ll manufacture your stamp.

Corporate Outfits: For awards, seals, and stock, count on Fred L. Lake & Co. We create a number of corporate outfits, whose certificates, embossers, and kits can be customized to meet your specific demands.

Stamp Accessories: Have you run out of ink? Did you lose your ink pad? We carry a litany of stamp accessories to supplement your stamps, so that you can continue to use Fred L. Lake & Co. products.

Signs & Badges: From nameplates to shirt badges, we produce any and all of the signs and badges you could possibly need to operate your business.

Awards & Gifts: We create personalized awards and gifts as well. Let us craft a crystal award for an upcoming ceremony. Or we can design a walnut plaque to celebrate an accomplishment.

Thank You to Our Patrons

As always, we’re extremely grateful to our patrons, here in Dallas and throughout the United States. Without the continual support from our clients, we never could have made it to our 129th birthday. We thank you for your support, and we hope that you’ll continue to partner with the folks here at Fred L. Lake & Co. — we’re always here for your stamps, embossers, and more!

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