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Valentine's Day Stamps & Embossers

Do you feel it? Love is in the air. February is on the horizon, which means that Valentine’s day is just a few sunrises away. It’s time to express your love for the person you cherish most in the world, be it a husband of 30 years, a newlywed wife, a fiance, or a girlfriend. Regardless of who has your heart, we’re here to help you to express your love on Cupid’s big day. Here are a few of our favorite ways to show love on the holiday of love.

Craft a Custom-Stamped Letter

Every love letter starts with an envelope. Make the most of that envelope with a custom stamp that declares your love the second your beloved lays eyes on their Valentine’s gift. Get a custom stamp that displays your name and your declaration of love. Our customizable, heart-shaped stamp is an obvious choice to cap off your Valentine’s Day card. This stamp features a unique, romantic design that states “Made with love.” Customize your name and proudly proclaim your love on your next Valentine’s Day card!

Best of all, all of our stamps are reusable, which means that you can memorialize this special Valentine’s Day for years to come. Reuse your custom stamp on your love’s next birthday card. Have an anniversary coming up? Leave a lasting mark on your anniversary envelope as well. Our custom stamps last for years on end, and you can order reinking fluid to keep your pad resilient and ready for the next stamp. Best of all, you can customize each stamp with your favorite ink color. Choose from black, violet, yellow, pink, red, green, mint, turquoise, blue, brown, and orange. Craft a custom-stamped letter with our customizable stamps to give your envelope added charm this Valentine’s Day.

Our Custom Embosser Is the Gift That Keeps Giving

If you’re engaged, recently married, or you’ve been married for decades, you’ll love our custom embossers. Express your love for one another with a deluxe gift embosser. Our embossers press a delicate imprint on letters and envelopes, making any note warm and unique. With our custom embossers, you can create a custom logo, monogram, or address label for you and yours. Consider creating a design with the names of you and your loved one. Integrate your date of marriage if you’d like. Or, if you prefer to keep your design graphic, you can create a design that creatively incorporates your initials into a leafy design.

*Hint: If you’re creating an ebosser imprint design that’s truly unique to your vision, we can help you to design the result you desire. Just get your embosser design as close as possible to your desired design in the Customize tab of your embosser order, then send us instructions in the Special Instructions box. We'll take what you've created online, add your requested modifications and email you a proof no later than the next business day. Take note, your order will not be processed or billed until you give us the go ahead! We promise!

Create an embosser that embodies your love for one another, and give it as a gift that you can share this Valentine’s Day, and for holidays to come. You’ll get years of use out of this year’s Valentine’s Day gift!

Customize Your Letters With His and Hers Stamps

Give the gift of his and hers stamps this Valentine’s day. We have dozens of stamp designs in our catalog that are just waiting to be customized with your name and the name of your love. Once again, you’ll get years of use out of your new, matching stamps. You can make your mark together, stamping envelopes, cards, packages, letters, you name it. Every time you reach for your matching stamps, you’ll recall this special Valentine’s day, and your years of dedication to one another.

Plus, your gift recipients will cherish your uniquely labeled gifts. Place your names on a package for your mom. Or send a letter to an old friend from the both of you. The possibilities are endless with a pair of his and hers stamps.

Not sure which stamp is best? Browse our collection of self-inking stamps. Some of our favorites are our custom monogram stamps, including this stamp that features a playful arrangement of flowers and leaves. You can even mix and match your stamp styles for an even more unique expression of your love for one another.


Make Valentine’s Day Special

Here at Fred Lake, we hope your Valentine’s Day is truly special this year. We’re proud to be apart of the stamp and embosser world, and we hope to help you to celebrate Cupid’s holiday this year. Take a look at all of our stamps and our embossers, and if you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

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