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Selecting the Right Stamp - A Quick Guide to Our Catalog



If you’re searching for the perfect stamp, we’re here to assure you that we have it — now, it’s just a matter of choosing the ideal stamp for your specific utilization. You may be looking for a designer stamp to proudly display your monogram on personal letters that you send, or you may be looking for a collection of stamps to use in the office. Regardless of your needs, you can count on Fred Lake to leave a lasting impression. Take a look at a brief overview of our different stamp types below, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on your upcoming stamp purchase.

Designer Stamps

Our designer stamps are just that — they’re ideal for creative designs. You can customize our designer stamps with patterns, lettering, images, symbols, logos, and other graphic designs. Plus, we count on Shiny® to produce our high-quality stamps, so you can rest assured that your stamp will last and last. Our Shiny stamps tend to last for about 3,000 impressions with their original built-in ink pad, and you can always add more ink to the pad to extend its life. Feel free to learn more about our designer stamps and shop our catalog.

MaxLight™ & istamp® Pre-inked Handstamps

MaxLight stamps are made to last. With stamp pads that can handle 35,000 impressions or more, as well as re-inkable pads, you may never need another stamp. Like our designer stamps, these incredibly long-lasting highly brilliant stamps are customizable, so you can use your stamp for whatever project you need. Feel free to learn more about our
MaxLight stamps and shop our catalog.

PSI™ Premium Selfinkers

Our PSI Premium Selfinkers are just as customizable as our previously mentioned stamps, and they have an excellent stamp longevity. PSI stamps last for 15,000 impressions, and they can be re-inked with MaxLight ink. Best of all, these stamps are eco-friendly. PSI Premium Selfinkers are made from 50 percent post-consumer plastic, and they’re built to last indefinitely (with the use of additional ink). Plus, as selfinkers, these stamps couldn’t be easier to use. Reduce waste, as well as air and water pollution with PSI selfinkers. Feel free to learn more about our
PSI Premium Selfinker stamps and shop our catalog.

PSI Slim Premium Selfinkers

PSI Slim Selfinkers are just like their larger cousins that we just mentioned — except they’re a bit slimmer. These stamps produce just as many impressions (15,000 on average), and they always produce an excellent print quality; plus, they’re eco-friendly. Feel free to learn more about our
PSI Slim Selfinkers and shop our catalog.

Shiny Traditional Selfinkers

Our Shiny stamps are a bit more affordable than our PSI options, but they’re still incredibly high-quality. These stamps feature a soft handle, an ergonomic design that perfectly fits your hand, and a soft lock button that makes pad removal and insertion easy. Plus, the translucent chamber of these stamps makes it easy to see where you’re stamping, so that you can accurately mark forms and paperwork. Shiny Traditional Selfinkers are rated to last for 5,000 impressions on average, and you can add ink to your selfinkers to extend the life of the stamp. Feel free to learn more about our Shiny Traditional Selfinkers and shop our catalog.

Shiny Round Selfinkers

Our Shiny Round Selfinkers are very similar to our Traditional Selfinkers, only they’re for circular designs. Again, you’ll love the design, ease of use, high-quality impressions, and longevity of these stamps. Feel free to learn more about our
Shiny Round Selfinkers and shop our catalog.

Shiny Premier Preinked Handstamps

Perfect for inspection documents, addresses, you name it, these stamps are the best of the Shiny brand. You’ll love the ease of use of these stamps, and the simplicity of the design. If you ever run out of ink on these preinked stamps, simply remove the cover, and add a few drops of your favorite ink color. These stamps are rated to produce 35,000 impressions on average, and, like our other options, they’re completely customizable. Feel free to learn more about our Shiny Premier Preinked Handstamps and shop our catalog.

Traditional Rubber Handstamps

Our traditional rubber handstamps have been the industry standard for decades. Available in various sizes (up to 4 x 6 inches), these stamps produce an incredibly high-quality impression, and they’re designed to last even after tens of thousands of uses. Unlike our other stamps, you’ll have to invest in an ink pad to make use of our traditional rubber handstamps. Feel free to learn more about our Shiny Premier Preinked Handstamps and shop our catalog.

Two-Color Stamps

As the name implies, our Two-Color Stamps are designed for those more colorful projects. Perfect for teachers and those of us who like to craft, you can really make an impression with our two-color selfinkers. These stamps are designed specifically to house two different inks, unlocking a variety of colorful design options. Feel free to learn more about our Two-Color Stamps and shop our catalog.

Our Other Stamps

Our stamp catalog doesn’t stop there. For more stamps, including date and number stamps, deposit stamps, common office stamps, inspection stamps, and multi-surface stamps, take a look at our catalog of other stamps.

Again, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on your upcoming stamp purchase!
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