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School Is In Session: Stamps for School!




As August is on its way, it’s time to start planning for the school year. You’ll soon find yourself preparing the kids by buying new supplies, books, and backpacks to send them off to school prepared for another year of learning. Here at Fred Lake, we love the turning of the seasons, and we know how exciting it can be for kids (and parents) as the first day of school approaches. We’re also ecstatic to provide a variety of items that can be useful throughout the coming school year! So, if you’re looking for a few special items to toss into that pencil pouch before late August rolls around, we’re here to provide you with some options — namely our customizable stamps. Here are of our favorite stamps and a few ideas you are welcome to borrow!

Specialized Stamps for Grade-School Children

Mark Your Property

While it may not be imperative to put your child’s name on each and every one of the belongings in his or her backpack, your kiddo will be ecstatic to start the year by stamping their books and journals with a custom designer stamp that proudly displays their name. You can also create a stamp that features an emblem or design, and you could include information about your kiddo (including their school and class, or perhaps your address in case your little one happens to misplace a book throughout the year). Create a custom stamp with our easy to use stamp creation process, and give your tyke a personal stamp that they will cherish. They can even stamp their name on assignments!

Perfect for Pen Pals

Often, grade-school teachers encourage their students to connect with a pen pal to work on their social skills, their writing skills, and their connection to other youngsters around the globe. If your little one is partnering with a pen pal this coming school year, then they’ll love a custom stamp that boldly displays their name and your address on each of the individual envelopes that makes its way through the U.S. Postal Service. If you want to be especially “fancy” and creative with a pen pal assignment, then you should check out our wax seals. You can seal your child’s letters with a custom wax seal that shows their initials or a favorite design.

Display the Date

As days and assignments fill the school year, your kiddo will love their new date stamp. We carry a variety of date stamps that can be adjusted for any day of the year. Simply rotate the wheels to the appropriate date, and you’ll have a stamp that’s ideal for any date. Plus, our stamps are built to last for thousands of impressions, so you’ll have a stamp that your kiddo can rely on for years on end — your young one and their nifty gadget will be the talk of the classroom. Again, these stamps can be customized too, so you can include your child’s name, address, or other information on the stamp.

Enjoy the School Year!

Well, that’s all from the folks here at Fred Lake. We hope your kiddo(es) get the most our of the upcoming school year, and we hope that our custom stamps can make the coming year just a little bit more special. Cheers!

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