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New Year, New Gear for Your Desk



Happy 2020! As we ring in the new year, it’s time to re-up on all those office supplies that expired over the last decade. Whether you need new date stamps, new corporate kits, or a new custom embosser, we have all of the products that you’ll need for the upcoming decade (or at least the coming year! Take a look at our catalog of products, customize your stamps, embossers, and kits as you’d like, and make the most of the coming year by making an impression with Fred Lake! You can also continue reading to learn a bit more about our many office supplies that are essential for 2020. Cheers!

Custom Date Stamps

If you had a date stamp for 2019 dates, it’s time to upgrade to one of our many date stamps. We carry a litany of stamps that make it easy to date documents. Plus, many of our stamps let you modify the year, as well as the day and month, so that you won’t need another stamp for ages! You can find a variety of stamps in our catalog, from self-inking stamps that make stamping as quick as can be to traditional stamps. You’ll also find a variety of inks available, so you can select the color that you’d like. Our stamps are rated to use for thousands of impressions, so you can trust that your custom stamp will last and last! Take a peek at our catalog of custom date stamps!

Custom Corporate Kits & Outfits

If you have a corporate kit that’s dated through 2019, it’s time to get with the times. We’d be happy to connect you with a custom corporate kit that fits the new year and new dates. Customize your kit with any date range you deem fit. Plus, you can add all sorts of other information that pertains to your personal use of the kit. Our corporate outfits are suitable for corporations, LLCs, non-profits, and other professional associations. You can customize the color, business name, address, certificate number, you name it. You can even add a seal to make your kit just a touch more professional in the coming year! Check out our selection of customizable corporate outfits.

Custom Embossers

Need to update your desk embosser? We’d be happy to supply you with an embosser for the coming year. Our embossers can be personalized with whatever text and graphics that you’d like to use (as well as, of course, the year!). Plus, you can find embossers with seals of all shapes, so that you can truly customize your seals or impressions. Don’t forget to check out our foil embossing labels (for that truly professional look). Take a look at our custom embossing seals, and find the right seal to suit you in 2020!

Best Wishes From the Folks at Fred Lake

With the ball dropping soon, we hope that you have a wonderful, prosperous year. As always, we’ll be here to help you should you need to make a lasting impression as we enter into the new decade. Best wishes, and cheers from the team here at Fred Lake!

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