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High-Quality Stamps, Incredible Features



If you’ve never purchased a commercial-grade stamp before, you may be overwhelmed by the options out there. After all, there are loads of styles of stamps to choose from, and the price range is all over the board. But the fact of the matter is this: If you’re looking for a heavy-duty stamp, you’re going to want a stamp that works quickly, a stamp that will last, and a stamp that is affordable. Beyond that, you may need a variety of additional features, but let’s start with those former talking points.

Stamping Speed

If you’re constantly stamping document after document, then you’ll want to save time with a self-inking stamp. These stamps are designed to press into an ink pad automatically after every stamp use, so you’ll end up with a perfect imprint, without pressing on a pad yourself. That’s ideal for those who are constantly checking document after document, where it's best to be able to stamp a sheet or envelope without effort. Here at Fred Lake, we carry a line of self-inking stamps that are ideal for those who need to stamp documents by the dozens. Check out our PSI Premium Self-Inker Stamps. These stamps were designed with ease of use in mind, and they’ll prove to be a time-saving asset in your office.

Stamp Longevity

While some stamps are designed to last forever, other stamps simply aren’t the highest quality. Beyond that, if you’re dealing with ink pads, there are a few options that are more durable than others. With Fred Lake, you can trust that all of our stamps are designed to make impression after impression for years on end. In fact, we back a litany of our stamps with a warranty, and we’ll replace your stamp if it should fail. Again, we’d like to highlight our PSI Premium Self-Inker Stamps because they provide the best of both worlds in terms of speed and longevity. Not only should these stamps last for endless impressions, but the ink pads themselves are designed to hold ink for 15,000 impressions — after that, you’ll simply need to use some stamp ink to give your pads another round of thousands of impressions. As we mentioned, we also carry ink pads that are designed to remain resilient for tens of thousands of impressions on end, so long as you don’t lose the pad!

Affordable Stamps

If you’re concerned about your bottom line, don’t fret. We offer a variety of affordable stamps that will keep your business operating. If you need a standard stamp that you can count on, take a look at our common office stamps. Here, you’ll find stamps that are necessary for all sorts of office functions and operations. We produce these stamps by the hundreds, so that we can offer fair, low pricing on them. Beyond our common office stamps, we also strive to provide affordable prices on all of our stamps, including our customizable options.

Additional Features

From compact stamps to multi-colored stamps, we have all of the stamp features that you’ll need to make a lasting impression. Check out our line of Slim PSI Premium Self-Inker Stamps if you’re searching for stamps that will easily fit in a briefcase. These stamps are still self-inking, like the stamps we mentioned before, yet they’re relatively flat, so you can take them wherever you travel without taking up much space.

If you’re looking for stamps with graphics on them, then check out our designer stamps. Here, the options are endless and you can create custom stamps that display your monogram, your business logo, or any number of other designs.

We even offer multi-colored stamps! Again, you can customize your stamp as you’d like, from the colors of the ink pad to the design of the stamp itself. Make a creative holiday stamp if you’d like, or simply impress mail recipients with a multi-colored return address stamp.

You’re Sure to Find the Right Stamp With Fred Lake

As you can tell, the options are endless here at Fred Lake. We’re here to connect you with the perfect stamp for your demands, and we carry multiple lines of stamps that offer a bounty of features. If you’re curious about any of these features, please reach out to us! We’d be happy to help you out.
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