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Who Benefits From Custom Embossing Seals

Embossing Seals are the perfect way to add a signature to any style of document without the need for ink. This tool works by pressing the page between two laser-engraved plates, which creates a raised impression that makes for an excellent look. Not only do embossers offer documents a professional appearance, but they are often required for performing various legal duties making them beneficial to many people. Read below to find out more, and visit our website to learn about what we offer at Fred Lake!


Notaries are responsible for being neutral witnesses to the signing of documents. In many states, embossing seals are required for a notary’s service to be legally binding, as it is essentially the stamp of approval for the legal situation. That said, it may be more likely that your notary requires an embosser for oversea-offices that require this style of signature for paperwork approval. 

Architects and Engineers

Architects and engineers are often involved with paperwork that requires an embosser signature to be approved. Fred Lake is proud to offer embossing seals that are compliant with codes in all 50 states, making them the perfect tool to quickly sign important documents. Best of all, you can customize your embosser exactly to your business needs!

Legal Offices

Although most legal offices do not require an embossing seal to make a document legally binding, they do require that documents look professional and clean. A custom embosser with your legal office's information is the perfect way to give documents an amazing appearance, while also helping to authenticate paperwork in a way to is difficult to duplicate. 

Business Corporations 

Corporations are often involved in business partnerships that require the exchange of many critical documents. This paperwork is sent out to clients, partners, stakeholders, and other important parties, so it is essential that it looks professional and clearly indicates where it is coming from. 

If you need a custom embosser for personal or business use, there is no better place to buy one than at Fred Lake! We have been helping people leave lasting impressions since 1889, and we are ready to help you next! Visit our website to get started today. 

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