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Tips to Make Your Documents More Professional


As a business owner, your professional image can work wonders to earn clients, increase revenue, and gain important relationships. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a brand that people trust and recognize. Now, there are so many ways that you can maintain your professional image — from clean, uniform attire for your employees, to a catchy logo for your business. Beyond those techniques, you can also make the most of any and all of the documents that you send to clients and other professionals in your industry — here at Fred Lake, we can certainly help you to make your documents appear more official for that very reason. Here are a few practices that you can implement to ensure that your documents look official, so that you can lend more authority to your brand, your company image, and the content of the documents you are sharing.

Invest in a Customized Corporate Stamp

As we mentioned, your brand is an important part of maintaining a professional, memorable image. So, it’s a wise move to ensure that your brand is on every surface that your clients and other industry professionals see. With Fred Lake, you can create customized corporate stamps which proudly display your company’s logo, or other information that pertains to your business. Many of our stamps can be customized with their color, their graphic design, their size, and additional features — we even carry a catalog of two-tone stamps.

Emboss the Document

Embossing your documents is quick, impressive, and completely free (after you invest in a custom embosser, of course). Fred Lake proudly produces custom embossers that are designed to transform basic documents to have an authoritative, professional appeal. Keep an embosser handy on your desk to emboss letters, awards, and any other documents that you’re sending to a recipient that you’d like to impress. As you can with our custom stamps, you can incorporate all sorts of information and design into your embosser seal. Include a corporate logo, your personal name (or a monogram), or even include a message (e.g. “Five-Star Service”, “Operating Since 1984”). The possibilities are endless, and the results are sure to make an impact.

Emboss a Foil Label

There may be no better way to make your documents professional than a custom-embossed foil label. With Fred Lake’s foil embossing labels, you can get further use out of your custom embosser, transforming our silver and gold-colored labels into one of a kind emblems that heighten the professionalism of your documents to new levels. We carry a variety of shapes too, including circular, and ripple-edged designs. Our foil labels are affordable, yet luxurious — you’ll pay less than ten dollars for an individual package of labels (up to 50 labels per package). Our labels are sized perfectly to fit our embossers as well, so you can rest assured that your embosser will provide that perfect, professional look that you desire. When it counts, a foil label will go a long way to impress the recipient of your document.

Use a Wax Seal to “Seal the Deal”

You’ll have to forgive the obvious pun, bur wax seals provide another opportunity to make your documents especially professional. A customized wax seal can be used to press and seal a folded document, or to seal an envelope — leaving a final touch on the item. Like our embossers and stamps, our wax seals can be customized. You can include a monogram on your wax seal, featuring your initials. Or, you can utilize a company logo. Plus, we offer a variety of waxes, so that you can color-coordinate your wax stamp with the brand of your business. We find that our wax seals often serve as the “cherry on the top,” when it comes to producing a professional document.

Impress Document Recipients With Fred Lake Stamps, Embossers, & Seals

Here at Fred Lake, it’s our mission to ensure that you make an impression. After all, that’s precisely what our stamps, embossers, and seals do — they make an “impression.” You’re sure to impress other business professionals and your clientele with our stamping products and your highly professional documents. With Fred Lake, a small investment in stamps, embossers, or seals can go a long way to leave a big impact with those individuals who define the success of your business.
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