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Tips for a Successful Mail Campaign



While email campaigns dominate the marketing and advertising world these days, there’s still a massive demand for businesses to create actual, paper-mail campaigns, especially for business owners who need to provide a hand-crafted, personal touch to their messages. “Snail mail” certainly still has its place in the business world, and it provides business owners with the opportunity to show their dedication through a personal message, a hand-signed note, and professional packaging. Plus, good, old-fashioned mail provides us with the opportunity to include small objects or items (e.g. stickers, bookmarks, recipes, etc.). In short, the art of the handwritten letter isn’t dead. In fact, it can be shockingly powerful now that our email inboxes are more filled with junk mail than meaningful messages. So, how do you craft a successful handwritten letter? What’s the best way to capture your audience and sway those who are reaching into their mailboxes?

Well, that’s precisely our topic of discussion for the day. We’ve cataloged a few tips that you can employ to make the most out of the letters that you send to your clients, colleagues, and others in your professional environment. Here’s our two cents on creating effective letters:

Professional Design

From the paper that you’re writing on, to the letterhead for your business, the design of your letter counts. Be sure to make your letter look professional to reflect your business. You’ll impress those who are receiving your letters, and you’re more likely to make an impact with the content. You can really go the distance on this one — include an embossed imprint that reflects your company logo, use a custom stamp to mark your return address, and if you’d like to make your letter especially outstanding, use a wax seal to seal up your envelope. If you don’t have an embosser, stamp, or wax seal in your desk kit, don’t fret. We have all the items that you’ll need to make your letters professional, yet personal.

Add a Personal Touch

Remember, while you want to ensure that your letters are highly professional (especially if you’re representing your business), you should also add a personal touch to make sure that your readers know that you put thought into their letter. Be sure to address your reader specifically if you can (by name), and be sure to add your signature to cap off your message. You can also delve into personal anecdotes that you share with your reader if you know the receiver personally. Just remember that you’ll have to strike a balance between personal and professional in your letter writing — find a balance that works best for the recipient at the address to which you’re shipping off this letter.

Include a Little Extra

If you’re promoting your brand, it’s helpful to add a bit extra to your letter. Consider adding a small gift (perhaps a pair of tickets to the movies) or a sticker with your company logo. If you’d like, you can even include a gift certificate to persuade your reader or to show your gratitude if they are already a member of your clientele. Including a little extra can go a long way to inspire your reader to work with you in the future.

Don’t Forget the “Packaging”

The envelope of your letter may be as important as the content within. After all, the envelope provides the first impression that your recipient will receive when they open their mailbox. Again, be sure to provide both a personal and professional touch to make the most of the “packaging” of your letter. A custom wax seal can show that you actually spent time handling your letter. Or even handwriting the address of your recipient can go a long way to show that you’re putting in an effort. Our advice: Make sure the envelope or packaging of your letter reflects the message inside. If you’re going for a more professional look, keep your envelope sleek and professional. If you’re going for a more personal touch, feel free to be more creative, and include a bit of yourself with handwritten addresses, or a personal seal.

Make an Impression With Fred Lake

With Fred Lake, it’s easy to make an impression. We have all of the stamps, embossers, seals, and other items you’ll need to seize the opportunity to make your letters their most impactful. Feel free to take a look at our catalog to view the endless options that we carry, and remember, many of our items are customizable, so you can show off your brand and personalize your message.
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