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The Perfect Office Gifts


employee-workingFinding the perfect office gifts for your employees or co-workers can be challenging, as there are just so many different options these days. Do you go with something traditional, like a fresh floral arrangement or think outside the box and maybe select some cool desk accessories your employees will love?

To help make you the best boss in the entire world, start by asking yourself what each of your employees need. Don’t get stuck in the trap of thinking they already have or have already been provided everything they need. Everyone needs something that can make their daily routines more productive, fun, and lively.

If you are not entirely sure, do a little office stalking and glance around their desks to see what they already have and what they are using. You could also question fellow employees about if they have overhead conversations about specific things particular employees would like.

Here are some other great office gift ideas for you to consider:

Message/Logo Stamps – Have stamps made with fun sayings or words of inspiration your employees can stamp on papers or folders.

Embossers – Embossers add a touch of class on papers and can be customized for a variety of uses and purposes. Plus, who doesn’t like adding raised textures to paper? There is just something therapeutic about using an embosser.

Designer Stamps – From smiley faces to other unique designs, you will find stamps that reflect each of your employees’ personalities.

Personalized Desk Clocks – A nice clock with your employee’s name on it is a great gift they can enjoy at work or at home, too.

Personalized Wall Plaques – Wall plaques are great gifts for employees who have goals to meet, and they can be used to help keep them motivated to reach those goals each and every month.

Personalized Leatherette Gifts – From travel mugs to portfolios, customize them however you want.


Customized Door Mats – Another great gift option, where you can have the door mats designed with the employees’ initials, family last name, or other text.

Cheese Boards/Cutting Boards – From marble cheese boards to cutting boards transformed from pictures, you have several different options to personalize these gifts.

In addition, remember to include a bit of yourself with the gift. Adding a bit of personalization to each of the office gifts lets your employees get to know you a little better and feel appreciated in the office.

For more, great gift ideas or help in finding the perfect ones for your employees, please feel free to contact Fred L. Lake at 1-866-935-7711 today!


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