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The History of the Rubber Stamp and How To Use It Today

Early Stamps

Rubber stamps are such an integral part of business, letters and crafting that you may have never wondered where this innovation came from. In the 1700s French explorers to South America took note of a sticky, bouncy substance used as a ball. This substance was able to rub out pencil marks, which is where some think the word “rubber” comes from. In the 1800s, Charles Goodyear (of tire fame) stumbled on the process of vulcanisation. This process stabilizes the raw rubber substance and leaves a flexible product to work with. The rubber stamp was born a few decades later, with several men claiming the invention as their own. Although this was the beginning of the rubber stamp, stamping with carved wood has been found as early as 100 A.D.!

The late 1800s saw the rise in use of the rubber stamp, and industry grew around their production. The end of the 19th century saw 4,000 rubber stamp manufacturers in the U.S.! These stamps were made with polished wooden handles. After World War II, some companies began to use plastic to replace these traditional handles. Later, some manufacturers also began to experiment with using a plastic die instead of rubber. However, the traditional beauty of a real rubber stamp has never been replicated. Today, there are many choices in stamps with the invention in the 1970s of the self-inking stamp, pre-inked stamps, and more. However, rubber stamps still hold a strong place in the stamping world.

Rubber Stamps Still Have Many Uses!

  • Wedding Invitations and Decorations

Rubber stamping can add flair to your DIY wedding invitations! Customize your rubber stamp with any logo, image or saying you wish and you can then use this stamp not only on invitations, but on any other wedding materials you want to customize.

  • Business

A rubber stamp can quickly change bags, tags, and any other business papers you use into something tailor-made for your work. Give your customers or clients something to remember you by, and use your rubber stamp for advertising your business logo . Stamping can also create a beautiful, handmade card to get the word out about your business!

  • Holiday Cards

If you have ever sent out holiday cards, you know that repetitively writing your name or address can get tiring. Using a rubber stamp can take some of the work out of your cards, by quickly adding your name and address, or any other saying you desire.

  • Gift Wrap and Tags

Looking for a way to set your gifts apart? Using a rubber stamp on plain wrapping paper can create a beautiful, custom addition to your gift. Go one step further and use your stamp to also customize any gift tags. Get creative and your rubber stamp can really make your gifts stand out!


As you can see, rubber stamps have come a long way, yet still maintain their original function and beauty. Whatever your need a stamp for, whether for business or personal use, Fred Lake has real, laser-cut rubber stamps that will deliver lasting elegance.

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