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Six Reasons Why Personalized Stamps Make Your Brand Stand Out


In today’s social-media-driven marketing environment, personalized rubber stamps may seem a little dated, but they’re really just the thing to make you and your brand stand out from competitors.

Custom rubber stamps

These days, everyone’s tweeting, everyone’s sending push notifications, and everyone’s begging for likes and adds. Much of these efforts are now for naught, as most people have learned to just ignore all the advertising chatter when checking up on the grandkids or reconnecting with old friends on social media platforms. More personalized and tangible forms of marketing such as direct mail, are seeing a renaissance, as many people are delighted to get something—anything— in the mail.

Custom rubber stamps help set your company apart, especially if they have an attractive, innovative design. With more companies than ever chasing the same customers as you, finding a way to stand apart from your competition and create lasting impressions on your customers is vital to the survival of many small businesses.

Here are a few ways that customized rubber stamps can benefit your business:

  • Easy personalization – The reason why more businesses don’t send personalized notes and cards to their clients is that it’s labor intensive and time-consuming. Personalized stamps offer the best of both worlds—the convenience of standardization and the individual appeal of personalization. With signature stamps, you can quickly put a personalized touch on your promotional materials without having to spend time signing cards or notes.
  • Get creative – Indulge your creative side by designing a logo or message on your own or working with a graphic designer to develop your personalized stamp. It’s a fun way to promote your business, and it allows you to break the monotony of your daily tasks.
  • Attractive appearance – Getting an address stamp will provide a more attractive look on letters and other correspondence. A stamp looks neater and more professional than hand-writing an address, and less sterile and generic than a label.
  • Convenience – Manually writing your name over and over can be time-consuming, especially when you have dozens of other business-critical tasks competing for your attention. A simple signature stamp can save you time and not a few hand cramps.

Rubber stamps

  • Saying thanks – A custom “thank-you” stamp allows you to add an extra note of courtesy to packages you may mail customers. Etsy and eBay sellers have found great success with these stamps, as they allow a more folksy option to personalize their packaging and show their appreciation for customers.
  • Labeling and sorting – If you have to deal with a lot of paper correspondence in your business, stamps can provide a quick tool for organization. For example, a “paid” stamp can help you separate and organize invoices.

Fred L. Lake has provided customers with custom stamp, seal, and embosser supplies since 1889. Today’s customers can go online and select custom layouts for their stamps, embossing seals, and related supplies and have them quickly shipped to their homes or businesses. Put your personal stamp on your business today with Fred L. Lake products.

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