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Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Professional Dads




As you probably know, Father’s Day falls on June 17th this year, and if you’re reading this article, you’re on the search for the perfect gift. Last year, it was a tie rack. The year before that, it was those #1 Dad socks. This year, it’s time to up your game. Here at Fred Lake, we carry a number of items that are perfect for fathers, especially those dads out there who spend their time behind a desk. If Pop is an entrepreneur, manager, or any kind of participant in our fast-paced business world, he’ll love our embossers, stamps, seals, and other items. Here are a few ideas that are sure to impress your ol’ man.

Custom Embossers With Dad’s Name

Nothing looks sharper on a desk than an embosser, and nobody makes sharper looking embossers than Fred Lake. Our embossers of the highest quality, featuring rubberized feet, smooth, powder-finished frames, and a long-lasting, easy to use design. Plus, you can customize our embossers to perfectly suit your dad. Make an embosser that features Dad’s name. Or an embosser that features his company logo. Or better yet — make an embosser that features them both. You can opt to create a monogram featuring your father’s initials, or you can even have us make an embosser that includes his address. Regardless, Dad is sure to love the newest item on his desk, and he’ll think of you every time he’s pressing that handle down. Take a look at our vast catalog of customizable embossers, and design the perfect one for Pop here!

Designer Stamps That Make a Classy Statement

Your dad will love a custom stamp, and with our selection and customizable designer stamps, you’re sure to create a stamp that Pop will use time and time again. Just like our custom embossers, our designer stamps have endless potential. Opt to create an address stamp if your dad is constantly placing letters in the mailbox. Or make a stamp that features your father’s place of work, name, and title. Is your Dad a teacher? Then provide him with a stamp that’s perfect for grading assignments. You might go with a stamp that says “Mr. Wilson Approves!” or “Mr. Edwards Says This Is A-Plus Work!” Don’t forget that you can really get creative with our custom stamps, and you can even add small images, logos, and graphic designs. View our collection of designer stamps, and impress Dad this year with a stamp that he’ll use day in and day out!

Wax Seals for the Letter Writer

If you’re getting a custom-made address stamp for Dad, you might consider sweetening this year’s Father’s Day gift with a wax seal. Our wax seals are the perfect touch for any father who spends their working hours making use of the postal service. Give the gift that’s the perfect touch for any letter — a custom wax seal. You can include a small monogram, or a personal design. Consider having us create a wax seal with the family coat of arms! Using our wax seals is easy. Simply heat up the wax over a flame, drip the wax on the envelope, prepare the sealer with our release agent, press, and voila, you’ve turned an ordinary envelope into a unique, professional letter. Take a look at our custom wax seals, and make an impression with Fred Lake!

The Very Best Wishes This Father’s Day

Here at Fred Lake, we’re ecstatic to provide gifts that any father can enjoy, especially for those busy dads out there who spend time behind a desk. Thanks for reading, and many cheers to you and your old man this Father’s Day!

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