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Mother’s Day Ideas That Keep On Giving



Mother’s Day is on it’s way! If you haven’t marked your calendar yet, the day we celebrate Mom is Sunday, May 13th this year — and if you forgot to mark the date on the calendar, then surely you haven’t had a chance to find a gift! Don’t worry, today we’re offering up some ideas to show your love and appreciation for Mom.

Now, if you’re like many Americans, Mother’s Day always means a vase of fresh-cut flowers. But, you’ve done that for the last 16 years. This year, it’s time to change things up. Here are a few more creative, more outside the box ideas that you can consider giving Mom this year.

For the Crafty Mom

You’ll have to excuse the shameless plug, but if your mom is partial to letter writing and crafting, then she’ll love some of the items that we carry here at Fred Lake. Take our wax seals for instance. You can create a custom wax seal just for Mom. Include her initials, a favorite symbol, or a meaningful graphic design that you’ve come up with. Your mom will love customizing her envelopes with a wax seal.

Similarly, you can give Mom a custom stamp or an embosser. Make a custom stamp with her name, or better yet, “World’s Best Mom”. With our custom stamps, the options are endless. For example, if your mom teaches children, you can custom build a variety of stamps — one that says “Mrs. [your mom’s name] Says This Is Super!” or “Mrs. [your mom’s name] Approves!”

Your mom will also love using our embossers to add even more character to her letters. With our custom embossers, Mom can add a little more texture and a bit of a personal touch to her correspondence — plus, she’ll think of you whenever she seals an envelope! You can customize our embossers with any message you’d like!

For the Green Thumb

If your mom is an avid gardener, then you can give her another gift that’ll keep on giving: an herb garden. Since spring is in the air, it’s prime time to plant many of the most popular herbs. Plant basil, coriander, sage, thyme, parsley, or dill (among other spring herbs) and give them to Mom on Mother’s Day. If your mother has a garden, feel free to plant your seeds in potted soil that is easy to transfer to the garden.

If you prefer, you can make a window garden to hold all of your freshly planted herbs. With a few tools and some dedication, you can transform some glass jars and some scraps of wood into a small herb garden that’s perfect for the kitchen window.

For the Busy Mom

If your mom never has time to unwind, give her a massage or two, cover a trip to the spa, or get a gift card for a cleaning service provider (or all three!). Or, if you don’t have much money to spend this year, you can offer cleaning services yourself! Your mom will cherish some me time, and a chance to escape from the day to day grind. So, if Mom is overstressed and overburdened, the best gift might just be a helping hand, a relaxing trip to the local spa, or a stress-melting massage.

For the Morning Mom

If your mom is obsessed with tea, or hooked on coffee’s caffeine, then get her a monthly coffee or tea service for the coming year. There are a number of services online that provide monthly coffee and tea subscription services that you can book online (how convenient!). Urban Tastebud gives us a pretty well rounded list of coffee subscription providers, as well as a list of tea subscription providers. Most subscription services provide a mix of coffees and teas to explore every month — so every month Mom will get a new surprise in the mail! You’re sure to give Mom something to look forward to every day with a coffee or tea subscription!

Best Wishes This Mother’s Day!

Thanks for reading, and best wishes to you and your mom this Mother’s Day! We hope you’ve found the perfect idea in our article, or at least some inspiration! As always, you can count on Fred Lake to make a lasting impression.

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