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Make an Impression This Valentine's Day



As our calendars flip over into February, love is in the air. The fourteenth of February marks Valentine’s Day — a day where we celebrate love for those we cherish most. And of course, this day of love is traditionally filled with gifts of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. But this year, you have the urge to get creative, and who can blame you! You’re inspired to forego those cliche gifts in lieu of something a bit more inspired. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fred Lake, we have a bounty of customizable gifts that are sure to make an impression. From our wax seals to our custom rubber stamps, you’re sure to come up with a one of a kind Valentine’s Day gift that your loved one will cherish. Here are a few of our favorite creative ideas!

Wax Seals

When I imagine a letter sealed with wax, I imagine composing romantic love letters by the fireside... Maybe that’s just me, but I’m a bit of a romantic. This year, you can shake things up by creating a love seal that boasts your love for your most cherished friend. Customize a wax seal that features both of your initials. Or, if you are married, you can create a seal that displays your monogram or a coat of arms. You can even create a seal that features a heart, or perhaps another favorite shape. Once you have your wax seal in hand, you can draft a love letter that expresses your deep connection with the love of your life, and you can seal it with a seal to add a cherry on top of your message. Best of all, you can use our custom wax seals time and time again, so you can make letter-giving your yearly Valentine’s Day tradition.

Creative Multi-Color Stamps

With our customizable multi-color stamps, you can create any number of graphic designs and messages, with any ink color under the rainbow. You can make a colorful stamp that boasts “Blank hearts Blank” — though you’ll have to fill in the blanks with your own names. Or you can also create a custom his and hers stamp, that you can use to end the letters that you send to friends and family during holidays throughout the year. For instance, you could create a stamp that says “With all our love” followed by your names. Or perhaps “Wishing you the best!” With Fred Lake, these stamps are truly customizable, and they can include text, graphics, and a number of colors.

Custom Rubber Stamps

What better way is there to let your loved one know the depth of your love than to give them a rubber stamp that can pronounce that sentiment time and time again? Our rubber stamps are sturdy, and they’re designed to stamp for thousands of impressions. Craft a custom stamp that displays both of your names and your new address if you’ve recently moved in together. Again, you can use a coat of arms or a monogram as well!

Wishing You a Love-Filled Day

Well, we hope we’ve given you a few ideas that you can try in order to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for you and your loved one. We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, and hope that our custom gifts leave a lasting impression! Cheers!

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