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Elevating Your Paper With a Custom Embosser

An embosser easily adds a raised seal to any paper you wish to embellish. There are many occasions that warrant the use of an embosser to elevate your documents and papers. Whether you are making a document more official, adding elegance, or trying to add legitimacy to your business, custom embossers are the perfect tool for you. You can customize your embosser to display a message, an image, or any other design you choose. Check out the following great uses for a custom embosser.

Notary Use

Although an embossed document, once the preferred seal of the notary, is not required any longer in most states, many notaries still use it to convey authority. The embosser is still authorized as an official notary seal in 30 states. Even where not required, many notaries use the embossed seal in conjunction with a stamp. The imprint left by an embossing seal adds a beauty to an official document not gained by a mere stamp. Adding an embosser to your notary supplies will bring your official documents to the next level.

Wedding Invitations

If you are taking on the task of creating your own wedding invitations, embossing them adds that final touch of elegance and beauty. Embossing your invitations will set them apart from other invites, and will impress your guests. You can decide whether to have an image, your new joint initials, or any other slogan or saying embossed onto your invitations! Choose from a variety of custom embosser styles, and get ready to make some beautiful invitations! Your embossing seal will be a memento to remind you of the beautiful invites you created!

Elevate Your Business

Whether you are using it on your business cards, or on your official business documents, an embossed seal gives authority and authenticity to your business. An embossed business card stands out from the rest, and people are sure to remember your business because of it. Your official business documents will also get a boost of validity through an embossed seal. Consider an embosser to add traditional clout to all of your business documents.

Diplomas and Certificates

If you need to add the final touch to a diploma or certificate, embossing is the way to go. What is more iconic on a diploma than the raised embossed seal? The recipient of an embossed certificate is sure to appreciate the extra steps you took to make the moment special.  If you are rewarding or recognizing employees or students, an embossed seal is the perfect final touch to their diploma or certificate.

As you can see, embossing is a great way to add that extra something to any document, certificate or business card you may have. With a custom embosser, you can choose the message, image, or design you would like to have embossed on the paper of your choice. Using this traditional and authoritative seal can make your documents go from ordinary to extraordinary. Purchase an embosser and start making things more official and beautiful!

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