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Does My Business Need A Social Distancing Sign?

Social distancing signs are a huge part of our lives now. You see them whenever you go into an office or retail space. Fred L. Lake & Co. can create high quality social distancing signage for your business. Read on to see if your business requires a social distancing sign.

The Use Of Social Distancing Signs

In the age of COVID-19, we have learned that social distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Social distancing signs come into play to inform and remind people to stand 6 ft apart. At the moment, these signs are placed in most office spaces and retail shops. Most social distancing signs will inform people to stand 6 ft apart, while others, such as social distancing floor decals, are used to direct people in a certain route around a space. If you need social distancing signs for your office or retail space to direct your employees or inform them to keep their distance, Fred L. Lake & Co. can provide you with up-to-date and quality signage. 

What The CDC Recommends

According to the CDC, if you are in a public space with people who do not live in your household, you must maintain a distance of 6 ft. apart. This is because people who are not showing signs of COVID-19 can still spread the virus. If your employees are not individuals who live in your household, then you’ll need social distancing signage. You will help prevent the spread and will maintain the health of your employees. Order custom social distancing signs for your space from Fred L. Lake & Co., so that anyone in your building will be able to see them and will abide by the rules.


The Type Of Business You Have

This might seem a bit obvious, but if your business is strictly online without a physical office location, you do not need to have social distancing signs. Only businesses with a physical location will need social distancing signage. For your physical office or retail location, you can order a custom social distancing sign from Fred L. Lake & Co. 


Should You Order Social Distancing Signs?

The answer here is “yes.” Social distancing signage, such as social distancing floor decals, will greatly benefit your business in stopping the spread of COVID-19. You will be protecting yourself and others, while abiding by CDC guidelines. Though social distancing signs are not required, they will show that you care for your business and everyone who walks through your doors. Order custom signs from Fred L. Lake & Co. today!

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