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Creative Easter Crafts!



Easter is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating with creative crafts! If you have children in the house, Easter traditions probably run deep in your family. There’s the Easter egg hunt, the chocolate bunnies, and egg painting. But this year, let’s say you want to start a new tradition that your family will cherish. Well, as your custom stamp provider, we love to get creative, so we’ve cataloged a few ideas that you can bring to the crafts table this year to make the most out of your Easter. Here are a few favorites that are sure to make some wonderful memories this season:

The Easter Egg Tree

We’ve all heard of the Christmas tree, so why can’t there be an Easter tree? As your trees begin to bloom and Easter approaches, you can craft hanging Easter eggs to decorate a tree in your landscape. You can use construction paper, a few favorite stamps, your kiddos favorite doodling materials, and string or twine to create ornaments for your Easter tree. You can also opt to paint eggs and use twine and a hot glue gun (you’ll have to do this yourself, unless your kiddo is old enough to handle a glue gun) to hang up real eggs on the designated tree. Just remember, if you use real, hard-boiled eggs, you’ll have to take them down in a week or so, since they’ll eventually rot. You can also add a garland of sorts by creating a chain of construction paper rings — simply cut strips of construction paper and use a stapler to create a chain of linked strips. Your little one will love how beautiful their tree has become, and they’ll love how it blooms with the spring season.

Paper Bunnies

Grab some construction paper, markers (or colored pencils or crayons), glue, cotton balls, and, of course, a few Fred Lake stamps for this quick, fun project — we’re making paper bunnies! First, have your kiddo cut out the shape of an Easter bunny with their colorful construction paper. If your tyke is too young to cut out a bunny shape, you can take over this portion of the project. Next, it’s time to add all of those bunny features. Your kiddo can use markers (or your media of choice), to draw little bunny eyes, soft pink ears, little whiskers, and a cute nose and mouth. You can use our stamps to add character and texture to your cute little critter too! Once your bunnies have taken their form, it’s time for the last step: adding a tail! Grab your glue and cotton balls, and add a fluffy tail to cap off the project! Then you can name your new bunny pets, add them to the collage of crafts on your fridge, or tape them to your windows to celebrate the holiday.

Gardening Labels

Easter doesn’t just mark a religious celebration, it’s also the time of year when Spring really picks up steam. And along with spring comes the tradition of planting a garden that you’ll enjoy throughout the warm months of the year. So, Easter can serve to be the perfect time of year to create creative garden labels to mark where you’ve planted seeds and newborn plants throughout your garden plot. Again, you’ll need a few simple materials: jumbo popsicle sticks, markers (which work best since your labels will be out in the elements), stamps, and, of course, all of those gardening materials that you’ll need (seeds, a gardening trowel, your garden hose, etc.). Now, you already know where this is going: You’ll guide your little one as they make beautiful labels that display the names of all of your garden plants. With each popsicle stick, you can write the name of the plant (or have your tot write the name, if they’re old enough). Then, add creative doodles and stamps to give your labels color and character — simple enough! And finally, it’s time to dig into the dirt and plant seeds as a family. Plant your seeds in a row with your new garden labels at either end of a row, and then sit back and watch the growing process with your kiddo. Your child will love the quick craft, and they’ll cherish watching your garden grow day after day. You can even have them chart the progress of your garden, and they’ll love the fruits of their hard labor after the growing season has come to an end.

Find Fun Stamps at Fred Lake

Here at Fred Lake, we provide all sorts of fun stamps that your child will cherish. Use our stamps time and time again for any and all of your crafty projects and holidays. You can take a look at our multi-colored stamps, or create your own custom designer stamps. You can even create a stamp with your child’s name, initials, favorite animal, or any other favorite, meaningful symbol! Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas to get creative on the coming holiday — best wishes to you and your family this Easter!
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