Stamp Design Wizard

Create Your Stamp. Let us pick the right size.

Stamp Wizard Instructions:

Input text and graphic file information using the tools below.  Click on
the PREVIEW button to see results of your input as many times as
necessary.  Once the PREVIEW results are satisfactory, click on CONTINUE.
  The next screen will show all available stamps that will best 
fit your layout.  Click on the one you prefer to add it to your shopping cart. 

Once the item is in your shopping cart, you can copy it and create
another of the same stamp by clicking on the ADD NEW button. 
Use of the ADD NEW feature allows for fast input of multiple 
stamps that have the same design but need different text (ie: name, title, branch,
account, etc.) or a different color.  The easiest way to add multiples of the exact
same stamp is to change the Order Qty in the shopping cart. 


No. Lines Two Ways To Add A Logo:
1)Use the Choose File button to upload a .jpg, .gif or .png from your computer.
2)Use the Clip Art button (N/A on Stamp Design Wizard!) to view & add available images from our library.
IMPORTANT: click the PREVIEW button every time you need to update the Layout Preview Results viewer.
Add a Border Logo Position Resize Logo

Color Selector


Text Input Font Name Size Justification Style