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Whether you're working with professional documents or marking attendees at an event, there are dozens of reasons a rubber stamp can make all the difference. While modern word processing and online sharing technology have made creating and managing documents easier than ever before, there are some things that haven't yet been covered by the digital world. Nothing can replace using a traditional ink stamp for marking dates, statuses, and other information on printed documents. Using customized rubber stamps is much quicker than writing it by hand, and it maintains consistency across documents.Rubber stamps can come in handy for a variety of everyday documentation needs, beyond just stamping the date at the top of the page. Is there a specific set of information that all documents need to have? Consider creating a custom stamp with a short form and blanks for that information, so that all documents can be stamped and have the information filled out appropriately.

Stamps also remove any ambiguity or confusion that handwriting might otherwise create; numbers and letters are printed the same way every time, ensuring that all employees can easily (and correctly) read the information.

We offer a variety of styles of custom rubber stamps in multiple sizes to meet all your inking needs. Choose pre-inked custom logo rubber stamps for easily recognized hand stamp re-entry at events, or order pocket-sized self-inking slim stamps for your employees to carry for easy access. For regular use, experience the comfort and smooth action of one of our M-Series self-inking stamps, featuring a soft rubber grip. If you'd prefer to use your own ink pads, opt for one of our wood-handled traditional stamps. Whatever needs you have, we'll create a high-quality custom stamp to meet them head-on.

With our convenient stamp design services, it's easier than ever to get customized rubber stamps online with great print quality. Simply input the desired stamp layout, then select a stamp type to suit your custom design. Next, simply check out and await your product's arrival—it's that easy! You'll get thousands of impressions from your personalized rubber stamps before you ever need to re-order (our pre-inked MaxLight XL2 hand stamps produce an average of up to 50,000 impressions!).

Fred L. Lake has been serving the stamping needs of industrial and commercial customers in the Dallas area for more than 125 years. With our extensive history of manufacturing experience and dedication to customer service, we make it our mission to develop the highest quality rubber stamps for your complete satisfaction. Our wide variety of styles and sizes make it easy to create your own custom-designed stamps without ever having to leave your seat. If you're interested in designing your own custom rubber stamps for events, documentation and more, browse our selection of stamp styles below!

See how easy it is to design and order customized rubber stamps online. Just click on the rubber stamp that you want, fill out the text for each line of the stamp and add it to your shopping cart! Quick, Easy, & Customizable. You can also click on the order now button below to start the custom stamp process!

Save Time.
Just design your stamp and check out.

Input your layout first, then choose 1 of the 5 stamp types recommended to fit your design.

Preinked Handstamps (MaxLight XL2)

Print Quality - Excellent
Ave. Impressions - Up to 50K
Reinkable - Yes

Traditional Rubber Hand Stamps

Print Quality - Good
Requires separate ink pad

Premium Self-Inkers (PSI)

Print Quality - Excellent
Ave. Impressions - Up to 15K
Reinkable - Yes

Pocket Premium Self-Inkers (PSI Slim)

Print Quality - Excellent
Ave. Impressions - Up to 15K
Reinkable - Yes

Traditional Self-Inkers (2000 Plus)

Print Quality - Good
Ave. Impressions - Up to 5K
Reinkable - Yes

M-Series Traditional Self-Inkers

Same rating as our other Traditional Self-Inkers, plus a soft-rubber grip and extremely smooth action. M-Series Pads are interchangeable with 2000Plus pads.

Closeouts & Special Discount Offers

Traditional Self-Inkers (Ideal)

Print Quality - Good
Ave. Impressions - Up to 5K
Reinkable - Yes

Contrary to what generic stamp companies would have you believe, all rubber stamps are not created equal. Far from it. In fact, at, we believe that the only limits on stamps' variability ought to be the limits of your imagination. As a result, we have made it our business to offer you the greatest possible flexibility at the lowest possible price.

Stamps may seem a relatively insignificant aspect of your branding, but the fact is that few tools are used on a wider range of documents. From date stamps to inspection stamps and beyond, the cumulative effect of customizing these stamps to reflect your brand can be significant. And that's precisely the opportunity that we provide: the ability to customize text, font, shape, borders, and logos to meet your unique needs.

Rubber Stamps with a Smile

Since rubber stamps are such an essential day-to-day tool, every day counts. Our long experience has taught us that the simpler, friendlier, and more accurate the process, the happier the client. That's why we stake our reputation on our customer service and precision, because we understand that you have more important things with which to concern yourself.

If you're tired of boring or overly generic stamps, you owe it to yourself to see what a difference customized stamps can make. With the ordering process easier than ever before, you can be on your way in a few short minutes. Take the time to order now, and you may be surprised that you waited so long. Store Categories
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