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Crafting With Stamps

Stamps are perfect for all sorts of crafting. Whether you need to make a large amount of gift tags or notes, or make the perfect scrapbook page, stamps can help!  Fred L. Lake has a huge assortment of stamps to fulfill all of your custom stamping needs! We would love to help make your next handcrafted project really shine.


Scrapbooking and stamps are a perfect match. Stamps can create a wide variety of images, texts, and backgrounds to enhance your scrapbook and make it really pop. You can use alphabet stamps to spell out words, dates, or other fun sayings to go along with images on your scrapbook page. A decorative scroll stamp can be used to outline a page, or add page breaks to a text-heavy page. You could create an entire patterned background by stamping a whole page,  and use that to enhance any words or pictures on the page. The possibilities when using stamps crafting are almost endless, and whatever creative designs you think up are sure to be enhanced with the use of custom stamping. If you have a custom phrase you want to repeat in your scrapbook, a stamp is the perfect vehicle! The next time you are making a scrapbook, make sure to incorporate a great, custom stamp!


Gift Tags

Making your own gift tags is simple when you use any of the custom stamping options from Fred L. Lake! Whether you want to stamp a simple “to” and “from” message, or have a saying you would like to incorporate, stamps are the answer! Give your gifts flair with the addition of custom gift tags made with stamps! The recipient will love a gift adorned with a custom gift tag!


If you are looking for an alternative to the mass produced Valentines found in stores, custom stamping can help! Using a heart stamp, or other sayings, can convey your unique Valentine’s Day message and set your Valentine’s apart from the rest! Your kids will love getting involved in crafting handmade Valentine’s with custom stamps! Stamping is easy for all ages, and everyone loves receiving a handmade Valentine.

Gift Wrap

Buying inexpensive craft paper and utilizing a custom stamp can be a great way to have your gift shine! Easily create large patterns through repeating stamps, or highlight the top of your gift with a great stamp design or phrase. If you want to show you care, give a great gift that comes in amazing, custom gift wrap made with stamps! Stamping can also create a custom design for a unique costume party, or emphasize a name or age. The sky is the limit when creating custom gift wrap using stamps!


Anyone can buy invitations at the store, but to make your invites really stand out, consider making your own! Stamps can really enhance your invitations, and can make the process easier. If you get a stamp made that lists your location, date and time, producing mass invitations becomes easy! Customize your invitations to the theme of your party, and set the mood before the guests even arrive. If you are looking for a great start to your party, custom stamped invitations are the way to go.


Any of your office items can be personalized using stamps. Stamp your notebooks, folders, or even stamp on material to customize bags! If you are wanting to add a unique touch to some of your possessions, stamping could be the perfect solution. Stamp your name, a unique logo, or any other design to really make your items your own!


Creating your own, custom stationery is easy with stamps! If you want a unique stack of notes to keep on hand for any occasion, consider using stamps to really make your cards stand out. Everyone loves receiving a card in the mail, and if it is a beautiful, custom stamped card it is even better. Stamps allow you to use your imagination to create any designs you want, and something truly unique and personalized.

If you have been wondering what the best tool you could have for crafting is, wonder no longer! The stamp is definitely the most versatile item in your creative arsenal for crafting unique items and gifts. If you are looking for stamps to help all of your crafting projects, Fred L. Lake can take care of all of your custom stamping needs!


 The Secret to An Organized Desk


Having an organized office desk can keep you on task, help you find things when you need them, and even increase productivity. No one wants to work at a messy, unorganized desk, so start organizing and be ready to tackle your work with new clarity!

There have been studies that show that someone could lose up to an hour each day just due to disorganization. Have you had a heart-dropping moment trying to find a client’s information, or just trying to find a pen? Getting, and most importantly staying, organized can help you manage your workspace, and hopefully inspire you to work better.

If your desk is strewn with papers or other items, you will need to use some organizational containers to corral everything. Papers should be filed away, ideally, or at least kept in folders or trays to eliminate the visual stress they cause being scattered on your desk.

Only keep the necessary office supplies on your desk. You probably don’t need every highlighter and paperclip front and center on your desk. Move barely-used items to drawers, and organize those items you do use in a neat, visually appealing way. Once you have only the essentials on your desk, you will hopefully be able to find what you need more quickly and easily. Getting up to find something breaks your train of thought and makes it hard to get started again. Have your supplies ready and your day will flow more smoothly.

While there is the temptation to fill every inch of your desk, keep some space left clear so that if you need to look over papers, or set down a coffee mug, there is space to do so. Leaving this space can be mentally good as well, and gives you a clean area to work in.

If your workspace is overflowing with sticky notes, reminding you of appointments, deadlines and ideas, they have probably ceased serving their purpose. Too many visual reminders can actually just become part of the background noise of your desk. Limiting memos to the most important will mean you actually remember to complete those tasks.

So don’t wait, clear your desk off now to start enjoying all the benefits of a clean workspace. Stop looking for missing office implements, and have everything in its place, right where you need it. We’re sure your custom Fred L Lake stamps will keep a prominent place on your office desk; they are one of the office tools you probably can’t live without!

We Have a Stamp For That!


If your life is lacking stamps, you don’t know what you are missing! At Fred L. Lake we have a stamp for almost every part of your life, to make things more organized, more beautiful, or more official. Stamps are applicable in almost every area of your life, from home and crafts to the office and business use. If you thought stamps were not for you, or haven’t used them since childhood, read on to see the many uses of stamps, and how they can fit into your life!

Name and Address

If you are wanting an easy way to address multiple letters, our address stamps can help you out. Easily customize any paper with your name and address… from books and magazines to any other papers you are distributing. Make it easy to recreate your name and address neatly time and time again.


If you are needing to use your address stamps on holiday cards, it can really speed up the process. Instead of tediously writing your name and address on every envelope, you can quickly finish off your holiday cards with stamps. Additionally, we can create special holiday designs to add flair to your cards or envelopes. Holiday-themed stamps can customize gift tags, wrapping paper or any other paper you want to add something special to during the holiday season.

Specials or Sales at Your Business

If you are needing a quick way to indicate that certain tags on your items are on sale, a stamp can be a great way to convey this information. Stamping items tags in a store, or even at a yard sale, can be a great way to show your customers what products are on special. Stamps can also color code item tags to highlight weekly or monthly sales.


I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “stamp of approval.” Well, make it a reality with a stamp you use to indicate that something has passed a test or is completed. Items that are being marked as quality checked or that have been cleared can get your stamp of approval and you can easily show their status.


Stamps are great for teachers! Think of how many documents they must check as read, graded or completed. A stamp can make this process so much easier, and even using multiple stamps to indicate whether a student is excelling or needs work can speed things up. Teachers can put a special stamp on papers that a student has really shined on, or can include an encouraging message on a stamp that they use to motivate their students.


If you need to keep papers or other items in order by date, date and numbering stamps can be incredibly helpful. Simply change the date on the stamp, and use one stamp for every day of the year.  Making sure that items are organized by date can be incredibly useful for any business, our stamps can help you easily perform this task!


If you need to verify amounts or numbers of items, our numbering stampers can help you! Our numbering stamps include not only numbers, but common symbols to help you organize.


If you inspect items, a stamp can be a lifesaver. Not only does a stamp really speed up the process of verifying that something is inspected, but it makes it more official. If you are needing a way to show that items have been inspected, our stamps can help!

Office Stamps

Do you often need to communicate short messages to your employees or coworkers that could be summed up in a stamp? We can customize your stamps to show that something is void, a copy, a draft, or something that needs to be filed. You could also indicate delicate materials with “do not bend” or “confidential.”

Stamping All Materials

Don’t think that only paper can be stamped! We have stamps that can also work on shiny, slick, non-porous surfaces! While most stamps could not perform outside of paper, our MultiSurface™ stamps can go beyond the traditional stamp. There are endless possibilities with these stamps, that can perform on glossy paper, photos, fabric, glass or metal. Stamp the tags on your children’s clothes, their sports gear, or lunchboxes to avoid lost items. Stamp photos with a fun message, or with details of when and where the image was taken. Once you move beyond paper, there is a whole new world of stamping that opens up.

Deposit Stamps

Banking requires a lot of information and certification. If you are often depositing checks, use a deposit stamp to make your life a little easier. Stamping “for deposit only” is so much easier than writing it over and over again, and is just another way stamping can make your business life a little easier.


If you are wanting to spruce up any of your crafty papers, you need a stamp! We can customize stamps with words or images, and you can use the same stamp over and over to create a beautiful pattern. If you are scrapbooking, or have a journal that needs some sprucing up, stamps can help!

So what are you waiting for? There is definitely a stamp that can fit into your life! Fred L. Lake has all of the stamping tools you need, whether a custom design, or numbers and letters. Looking at all of the possibilities, you just need to choose the area of your life that is lacking a stamp!



The History of the Rubber Stamp, and How to Use It Today!


Early Stamps

Rubber stamps are such an integral part of business, letters and crafting that you may have never wondered where this innovation came from. In the 1700s French explorers to South America took note of a sticky, bouncy substance used as a ball. This substance was able to rub out pencil marks, which is where some think the word “rubber” comes from. In the 1800s, Charles Goodyear (of tire fame) stumbled on the process of vulcanisation. This process stabilizes the raw rubber substance and leaves a flexible product to work with. The rubber stamp was born a few decades later, with several men claiming the invention as their own. Although this was the beginning of the rubber stamp, stamping with carved wood has been found as early as 100 A.D.!

The late 1800s saw the rise in use of the rubber stamp, and industry grew around their production. The end of the 19th century saw 4,000 rubber stamp manufacturers in the U.S.! These stamps were made with polished wooden handles. After World War II, some companies began to use plastic to replace these traditional handles. Later, some manufacturers also began to experiment with using a plastic die instead of rubber. However, the traditional beauty of a real rubber stamp has never been replicated. Today, there are many choices in stamps with the invention in the 1970s of the self-inking stamp, pre-inked stamps, and more. However, rubber stamps still hold a strong place in the stamping world.

Rubber Stamps Still Have Many Uses!

  • Wedding Invitations and Decorations

Rubber stamping can add flair to your DIY wedding invitations! Customize your rubber stamp with any logo, image or saying you wish and you can then use this stamp not only on invitations, but on any other wedding materials you want to customize.

  • Business

A rubber stamp can quickly change bags, tags, and any other business papers you use into something tailor-made for your work. Give your customers or clients something to remember you by, and use your rubber stamp for advertising your business logo . Stamping can also create a beautiful, handmade card to get the word out about your business!

  • Holiday Cards

If you have ever sent out holiday cards, you know that repetitively writing your name or address can get tiring. Using a rubber stamp can take some of the work out of your cards, by quickly adding your name and address, or any other saying you desire.

  • Gift Wrap and Tags

Looking for a way to set your gifts apart? Using a rubber stamp on plain wrapping paper can create a beautiful, custom addition to your gift. Go one step further and use your stamp to also customize any gift tags. Get creative and your rubber stamp can really make your gifts stand out!

As you can see, rubber stamps have come a long way, yet still maintain their original function and beauty. Whatever you need a stamp for, whether for business or personal use, Fred Lake has real, laser-cut rubber stamps that will deliver lasting elegance.



Elevating Your Paper With a Custom Embosser

An embosser easily adds a raised seal to any paper you wish to embellish. There are many occasions that warrant the use of an embosser to elevate your documents and papers. Whether you are making a document more official, adding elegance, or trying to add legitimacy to your business, custom embossers are the perfect tool for you. You can customize your embosser to display a message, an image, or any other design you choose. Check out the following great uses for a custom embosser.

Notary Use

Although an embossed document, once the preferred seal of the notary, is not required any longer in most states, many notaries still use it to convey authority. The embosser is still authorized as an official notary seal in 30 states. Even where not required, many notaries use the embossed seal in conjunction with a stamp. The imprint left by an embossing seal adds a beauty to an official document not gained by a mere stamp. Adding an embosser to your notary supplies will bring your official documents to the next level.

Wedding Invitations

If you are taking on the task of creating your own wedding invitations, embossing them adds that final touch of elegance and beauty. Embossing your invitations will set them apart from other invites, and will impress your guests. You can decide whether to have an image, your new joint initials, or any other slogan or saying embossed onto your invitations! Choose from a variety of custom embosser styles, and get ready to make some beautiful invitations! Your embossing seal will be a memento to remind you of the beautiful invites you created!

Elevate Your Business

Whether you are using it on your business cards, or on your official business documents, an embossed seal gives authority and authenticity to your business. An embossed business card stands out from the rest, and people are sure to remember your business because of it. Your official business documents will also get a boost of validity through an embossed seal. Consider an embosser to add traditional clout to all of your business documents.

Diplomas and Certificates

If you need to add the final touch to a diploma or certificate, embossing is the way to go. What is more iconic on a diploma than the raised embossed seal? The recipient of an embossed certificate is sure to appreciate the extra steps you took to make the moment special.  If you are rewarding or recognizing employees or students, an embossed seal is the perfect final touch to their diploma or certificate.

As you can see, embossing is a great way to add that extra something to any document, certificate or business card you may have. With a custom embosser, you can choose the message, image, or design you would like to have embossed on the paper of your choice. Using this traditional and authoritative seal can make your documents go from ordinary to extraordinary. Purchase an embosser and start making things more official and beautiful!




All About Fred Lake


Welcome to the Fred Lake Blog! We’re excited to give you the resources you need to leave lasting impressions on your employees and your customers. In the future, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about stamps, seals, embossers, and other office supplies. But first, we’d like to tell you a bit about our company, and service, and our dedication to you as a customer.

Our History

Fred L. Lake founded our company in his own name in 1889, and passed down a culture of excellence and creativity that continues to drive our company today. In 2002, the Dallas Historical Society honored us with the “Cornerstone Company” designation, a testament to over a century of dedication and hard work from our employees.

What Fred Lake is All About

At Fred Lake, we understand that it’s the little things that leave a lasting impression. Something as small as a self-inking stamp can make a world of difference for a company’s productivity, and something as simple as an award plaque can make an employee feel appreciated and understood. That’s what Fred Lake is all about—by making our business better, we’re making yours better as well. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line stamps, inks, embossers, seals, signs, badges, and corporate awards to help your business thrive.

What We Offer

Fred Lake offers a number of office products that can improve your business operations.


Fred Lake offers a massive selection of stamps and inks for a variety of professional uses, including traditional rubber handstamps, PSI™ Premium Self-Inkers, Shiny® Premier Pre-Inked Handstamps, and many more.

For more personalized stamps, Fred Lake’s Stamp Design Wizard can create a custom, pre-inked handstamp with custom text, sizes, justification, styles, and colors—so you always have the stamp you need to make a lasting impression.

No stamp is complete without ink, so we gladly carry industry standard water-based and oil-based ink and inkpads for Ideal® and Shiny brands, and refills for Maxlight and Premier brands. No matter what stamp you own, we have the ink to keep your stamp stamping and your business booming.

Professional Seals

Whether you’re an architect, a notary, or an engineer, our selection of durable, professional seals will keep stamping so you can keep your documents up to professional standards. Our professional seals come in traditional, pre-inked, and self-inking varieties, and we also offer notary supplies like fingerprint inkpads and notary logs.


Embossers can give your business paperwork and materials that extra fine detail—a three-dimensional cherry on top that leaves a lasting impression. From handheld to heavy duty, we offer a wide variety of embossers, including personal desk style embossers, pocket embossers, heavy duty desk embossers, and embossers with rectangular and circular layouts. No matter the embossing job, we have the embosser for you or your company.

Why Choose Fred Lake?

At Fred Lake, we like to say that you pay for exceptionally helpful and friendly customer service, and we throw in the products free of charge. That’s the spirit that drives us in our business. By making a lasting impression on you, you can make a lasting impression on your employees and your customers, and that makes everyone happy.

For the best in stamps, seals, embossers, and customer service, choose Fred Lake. Shop our collections today!